Blog Five tips for a successful holiday marketing campaign

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas just around the corner, retailers are getting ready for the online shopping onslaught. And with many consumers - especially Millennials - using their mobile devices more and more, mobile marketing will play a greater role this shopping season than ever before. Follow these tips to ensure you have the holiday marketing edge:


1. Use real-time data to avoid lost sales:

If stock is shifting quicker than usual due to the increased purchasing cadence at this time of year, then your marketing needs to keep up. Use real-time optimization in emails to show ‘live’ stock numbers that populate when the customer opens the message, not when it is sent.  This increases urgency to buy and avoids disappointment as items can be switched out automatically once they are out of stock, even after the email has been sent. 


2. Optimize for your customers:

The customer is more open to influence at this time of year; they are looking for inspiration, and this is a service that retailers can provide. Brands should complete an audit of their sales funnels online to ensure every touch point contains personalization designed to help the shopper with recommendations whilst increasing average basket size.


3. Accommodate gifting within personalization:

If you have personalization active in any channel, be sure to carefully watch your algorithms before and after the busy period. Your solution should be adaptable to account for the larger amount of gifting in the period. For example if you use personalization on the web based on click behavior, don’t assign a male persona to a record from first click, when the shopper might in fact be a female browsing for gifts.


4. Tie together bricks and clicks:

From a multichannel perspective we are seeing a trend away from ‘online only’ or other channel exclusive offers. The holidays are a good time to build your multichannel strategy and to stop forcing customer behavior into silos. Any offers should work across bricks and clicks; better still, online promotions can drive in-store behavior where merchandising can increase basket size beyond just the item the customer intended to purchase.


5. Start early:

Remember that by starting early and using a longer campaign timeframe, marketers are able to include many types of shoppers through different promotions such as wish lists, sneak peeks and consumer-generated content to drive sales. Some people will always wrap up their Christmas shopping weeks beforehand, while others will complete their festive shopping at the last minute. By starting early, you serve both groups and don’t  leave any potential revenue on the table.


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