Blog ‘If You Like that, You’ll Love This’ says Shazam as Music App Prepares to Recommend Songs using Beacon Technology

Blondfire’s Life of the Party, ZZ Top’s Flying High and the Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive. I discovered all these songs via Shazam, the app that started out as something of a party piece but now forms an extension of our musical tastes. I always thought that a ‘if you like that, you’ll love this’ type of recommendations feature would have worked well every time I used the app. And it’s as if the creators of Shazam held up the app to their audience, listened and responded.

This week Shazam revealed that they will start recommending songs to their users. This is the ideal way of introducing users to new content that will (hopefully) be relevant to their tastes and preferences. The really exciting part, though, is how Shazam aim to carry out this new feature. The answer lies in Beacon technology.


Don’t go Beacon my heart 

At the recent CES 2015 (find out our favorite products from the event), Shazam hinted (nay, teased) that they would roll out location-based recommendations (via SDK Gimbal). And they’ve certainly followed through. They’re doing this by using powerful Beacon technology to locate a user’s whereabouts, and then the app will provide some recommendations based on where that person is at the time. Imagine, say, if you traveled to Ireland. Shazam may well welcome you with a Pogues track or another Irish band! (U2 anyone? Perhaps not - though Bono might force himself onto your smartphone.)

Shazam’s focus on personalized recommendations is a big step. It’s not just related songs that Shazam aims to recommend its users, but it has recently integrated Spotify, Radio and also a curated newsfeed based on user preferences into its app.


Bea-can work it out

Shazam is certainly making the effort to connect its users to real life. Instead of relying on their search-based feature, they’re proactively taking note of their users’ contexts.

It will be interesting to see how well this location-based feature takes off and what kind of personalized recommendations Shazam will offer.


And quickly, how does Shazam work?

To use Shazam you have to download the free app (which is available on smartphones, PCs and Macs). Its primary use is for identifying songs using an in-built microphone but the app now delivers lyric-viewing options, music videos, biographies and discographies.


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