How It Works Personalized automotive marketing that drives performance

With a unique consideration period, automotive marketing requires a long memory and perfect timing.

Like the winning race car on the track, speed, agility and impeccable timing contribute to the perfect automotive campaign.

The Message Cloud delivers a comprehensive persona-based data platform, meaning leading global brands can personalize throughout the customer journey. 

Customer stitching

Before you even know who the customer is, you can start measuring behaviors and personalizing the journey.
With The Message Cloud, customer recognition kicks in from first click. Once the customer signs up, you can stitch the history to your new favorite person. Tying web browsing to dealership visits enables the ultimate customer service.

Persona-based marketing

While the customer is unknown, The Message Cloud provides personas based on activity and propensity to buy.
Perfect for cold-start situations - demographic, age, location and behaviors all serve to create a useful constructed image of the prospect.


Once the customer is recognized and comes into branch, equip sales staff with a tool that gets to the right recommendation in an instant.

The Message Cloud works, whatever your business

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