How It Works Personalized FMCG marketing that drives loyalty

Everything is changing in the world of FMCG. Brands want to own the customer in ways that they haven’t been able to until consumer macro-trends of digital and mobile made it possible. The challenge begins with data - understanding what is in our fridges and on our shelves through the visibility of customers in-store and through direct sales.

Crowd Insights Begin with crowd and work backwards

Dig deeper with customer dashboards that configure to your business needs in seconds. Watch in real-time as your customer voice on social brings the intelligence you need on everyday items.

Aggregated View Tie together your best of breed data silos

Gain one conclusive view of what’s going on from spend and activity. Use this to plan personalized marketing, even for anonymous onsite visitors.

Customer Clarity Go past crowd and aggregation to see the individual

Sometimes known as a nano P&L, an individual customer snapshot for customer service and call centers. Every touchpoint recorded and visualized in real-time.

The Message Cloud works, whatever your business

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