How It Works Personalized publishing marketing that gains visitors

Engagement is a great metric, when it turns into revenue earned.

The publishing industry is experiencing a renaissance. While many claimed social would kill traditional news and content outlets, many have found that the immediacy and brevity of those platforms actually drive traffic to longer-form sites.

The Message Cloud goes a step further and uses aggregated social content to power personalized recommendations – with KPI-smashing results.

Starts with a tag

Tag news or other documents with IPTC codes, topic tags, readability scores, people, places, organization names and key events to begin the process of personalization.

As quick as a trend

When trending topics start to tip on social media, you can prioritize your own content based on this data - the best of both worlds. The articles which are most relevant from the crowdsourced data appear first.

Emails populate when opened

- Showcase your content with every open of an email
- Personalized story videos with live data
- Tear-reveals and scratch cards for individual promotions

The Message Cloud works, whatever your business

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