How It Works Personalized travel and hospitality marketing that drives revenue

When the message is the product, you need trust in your marketing solution.

The route to buying tickets or choosing a holiday destination is fragmented. Across channels, devices and over a specific time frame the consideration process is critical. 

SmartFocus works with hundreds of companies globally to make sure the anonymous browsers are catered for as much as the purchasers who just want their tickets and confirmation messages.

Customer stitching

Before you even know who the customer is, you can start measuring behaviors and personalizing the journey.
With The Message Cloud, customer recognition kicks in from first click. Once the customer signs up, you can apply the history to your new favorite person.

The treasured transactional

First class deliverability means the transactional receipt for tickets and trips hits the inbox, so what about the step further?
The Message Cloud delivers:
- Upsells on receipts
- Real-time SMS reminders
- Gamification to increase bookings

Messages come alive with data

The Message Cloud is the only solution that allows third party feeds in real-time as standard:
- Use live currency feeds before the passenger’s trip
- Show the weather at their chosen destination
- Affinity-based recommendations on previous visits

The Message Cloud works, whatever your business

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