The Message Cloud

Your customer is busy. Influencing them is hard.
The Message Cloud is built for a world where there is not enough attention to go around.

  • Smart Insights

    Don't rely on IT for your data. This is one flexible DMP to deliver instantly actionable segments, analysis and trends. You can't do real-time without it.

  • Smart Personalization Email

    Advanced email that comes to life when your customer opens, not when it is sent. No other ESP does real-time like The Message Cloud.

  • Smart Personalization Web

    Real-time ecommerce that influences sales uplift and larger basket sizes. Harness the power of machine learning and marketer driven recommendations.

  • Smart Personalization Mobile

    Location data gives you micro-segments of one. Knowing where customers are via mobile data allows for ultimate contextualization.

  • Channel: Push

    Push messages are delivered directly to the home screen of the smartphone and deep link into your app, to boost brand interaction.

  • Channel: Email

    SmartFocus sends billions of emails every year for the world's biggest brands. Your email will benefit from industry-leading deliverability for messages that are automatically optimized for the device being used.

  • Channels: SMS

    SMS enhances any integrated campaign, triggered by The Message Cloud decision engine.

We help brands keep more customers, predict their behavior and increase all the good metrics.

The ones you can take to the bank.

It's not about ‘meaningful experiences’ or ‘powerful engagements’. It’s about using data to get the right content to your visitor, quickly. Speed and accuracy are all that matter. We do this for billions of messages from emails to web recommendations and beyond. Content sent from The Message Cloud can deliver 4x on standard campaigns – just ask for one of our case studies.

The engine behind truly contextual marketing

What does contextualization mean? It involves taking everything we know about the visitor (explicit data) and everything we can glean (implicit data) and creating a message that suits only them, with up-to-the-second information driving the content.

This is the founding principle of The Message Cloud, and it delivers.

How The Message Cloud delivers

Works with your existing software

  • Salesforce

The Message Cloud works, whatever your business

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