Smart Insights The right data, the best action

This is not just business intelligence, it is actionable data and rich segments for personalization. With Smart Insights powering The Message Cloud, our customers get answers in seconds, questions which would previously have taken weeks to answer.

The benefits of using Smart Insights

  • Any sort of data. Any amount. Structured, unstructured. You name it
  • Unlimited fields
  • 15,000 persona types cached and matched to product
  • One touch segments – no need for I.T.
  • Drag and drop interface with little training required
  • Machine learning identifies signals, meaning you can predict customer behaviors
  • Work with historic and real-time data to give the ultimate context
  • Integrate with existing CRM and analytics
  • Support RFM, attribution and propensity models

Most marketers agree, success starts here

Nearly four in every five marketers* stated turning data into insights and insights into actionable segments as either ‘very’ or ‘considerably’ important for the success of their campaigns. With 90% of the world’s data having been created in the last two years, our customers ride the big data wave using Smart Insights and get immediate access to everything that’s of use for their commercial programs.

*SmartFocus and Econsultancy, 2015

Find answers, fast

Get to know your customers:
• Who are they? Segment your audience by age, gender, location…
• What do they buy? Analyze spending patterns
• When do they shop? and how often?
• Where do they spend their time? Match products with places
• Why you? Find out what keeps them coming back

Works with your existing software

SmartFocus makes it easy to integrate our digital marketing solutions with your existing technology ecosystem. Our built-in connectors provide sales and marketing professionals with the ability to seamlessly integrate their ecommerce and CRM platforms with the SmartFocus platform. We also provide integrations with leading ERP, web analytics, CRM and ecommerce applications. Our application programming interfaces (APIs) enable connectivity with virtually any data source allowing you to use your own bespoke technology. We provide the quick and easy way to boost your digital marketing.

  • Salesforce

How The Message Cloud delivers

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