Smart Personalization Web Want your website to work harder?

Smart Personalization Web brings each page alive for your visitors. 74% of consumers say they leave pages that are not relevant to them. Your bounce rate will tell the same story. Hold more attention, use context and intuitive algorithms to display the right content at every turn.

Dynamic personalization for web means you can:

Personalize your site for anonymous and known visitors; the single quickest way to increase sales. Include real-time elements like countdown timers, interactive voucher reveals and personalized video. 

Streamline your content delivery. Let the algorithms automate the important things like Next Best Offer and the price range of recommended items.

Adapt what your web visitor sees based on emails clicked and viewed, web pages visited, previous purchases in-store or online.

Works with your existing software

SmartFocus makes it easy to integrate our digital marketing solutions with your existing technology ecosystem. Our built-in connectors provide sales and marketing professionals with the ability to seamlessly integrate their ecommerce and CRM platforms with the SmartFocus platform. We also provide integrations with leading ERP, web analytics, CRM and ecommerce applications. Our application programming interfaces (APIs) enable connectivity with virtually any data source allowing you to use your own bespoke technology. We provide the quick and easy way to boost your digital marketing.

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