Smart Social Addressing the modern commercial society

Social is the fastest growing channel with 1.49 billion people visiting Facebook and Instagram every month. It is clearly the best channel to reach the new digital customers and Smart Social enables you to do just that. Combining single customer view and the power of Smart Social’s ad deployment technology adds a game changing social Advertising solution to The Message Cloud.

The benefits of using Smart Social as part of your social advertising campaigns means you can:

  • Instantly match your CRM data to custom audiences tool avoiding the time taken to select through millions of Facebook targeting criteria’s
  • Increase your existing CRM reach by 77% through access to the worlds largest social platform
  • Increase your targeting qualities by creating lookalike audiences from your existing profitable customer segments
  • Reach people at the perfect time with the right content and increase engagement rates by at least 26%
  • Reduce your cost per lead by at least 56% as the algorithms are fuelled by the data you already have
  • Trust the algorithms to deliver the right message allowing to you send hundreds more campaigns than before
  • Tell a true story to your customers and increase conversion rates and lifetime value by doing so
  • Re-target your existing email database giving your CRM program even more reach

Acquire new profitable customers

Increase your targeting quality by linking your CRM database with social. Use over a million attributes or features to find your lookalikes and instantly put your ads right in front of them. Instantly acquire, retain and grow new profitable customers through lookalikes that scale.

Closing the 360° loop

Create a closed 360° social advertising and acquisition loop by automatically feeding back all your social data directly into your CRM database and help grow and enrich your existing customer data.

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