News The Entertainer sees 3x increase in email revenue after embracing contextual marketing with SmartFocus

  • The Message Cloud by SmartFocus enables the retailer to personalize recommendation solutions for their complex buyer base
  • The Entertainer also reports 120% increase in mobile sales and significant increases in open/click-through rates and returning shoppers


The Entertainer, the fastest growing high street toy retailer in the UK, is reporting a 3x increase in email revenue and 120% in mobile sales only 12 months after it chose The Message Cloud, the world-class digital marketing platform from SmartFocus.

The Message Cloud enabled the retailer to achieve astounding improvements in results by driving personalization and segmentation in their marketing, and achieving a single view of their customers. It gave the brand one seamless platform which allowed them to truly understand their customers and connect in real-time.

With a single customer view, The Entertainer can now power smarter emails tailored for specific personas. These real-time emails drive contextualized messages relevant to each individual, which has hidden complexities as the consumer (the child) is not the buyer (the adult). Using advanced algorithms to address the complex buyer personas has enabled astonishing increases in their results.

Rob Wood, Head of Online at The Entertainer said: “We tripled our email revenue last year compared to the year before, which is a brilliant result for us and something we are really happy with. We’ve used the same database - it’s not like we have massively grown the database. All we have done is send better messages to the same people and got a better result from that.”

SmartFocus provides contextually relevant and unique engagements across The Entertainer’s digital channels and website, extending their existing hybris ecommerce platform with advanced omnichannel capability.

Within one year of using The Message Cloud, The Entertainer has:

  • Tripled email revenue
  • Doubled email open rates
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Seen a 44% increase in click-through rates
  • Seen a 120% increase in mobile sales
  • Seen a 60% increase in returning shoppers
  • Significantly increased average value orders (AOV)

Rob Wood continues:  “There is so much noise for potential customers, and emails are getting increasingly competitive. This means you only get one chance at your email, so it needs to be smarter and work harder.

“The information you used to set up your email two days ago might not be the best information when the email is opened. If you know customers aren’t going to look at every single one of your emails, you need to offer them the very best message when they do choose to interact with your brand.”

Using the Message Cloud, The Entertainer are now able to self-serve and modify their personalization algorithms in accordance with their business needs.

The Entertainer is the UK’s largest high street toy retailer with 120 stores and ecommerce site. The business has been operating for over 35 years and currently opens one new store per week, with their ecommerce site running since 1999.

Phil Geary, Chief Marketing Officer for the Entertainer, comments: “We are experts in what children love, and I’m delighted we can ensure our proud tradition continues online and across all of our marketing channels, by partnering with SmartFocus.

“SmartFocus helps make our customer experience be the best it can be, irrespective of what channel we’re using, and the SmartFocus Message Cloud ensures that my team and I can offer perfect user experience every time. Replicating our in-store experience when each and every one of our customers visits our website or receives one of our marketing messages is critical to us. The SmartFocus solution offered us all of the capabilities we needed in a single, comprehensive platform.”

“Consumers are connecting with brands via multiple channels, which means retailers must do more to drive customer loyalty,” said Rob Mullen, CEO of SmartFocus. “With sophisticated analytics at the heart of our solution, the team at The Entertainer can harness actionable insights from multiple data customer channels to create engaging and relevant conversations no matter the channel. We’re extremely proud to be their marketing technology partner.”

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