News SmartFocus launch social advertising solution

- Smart Social combines single customer view and the power of social to gain brands vast numbers of new and valuable customers

- Providing a game changing social advertising solution The Message Cloud ensures brands can develop a meaningful connection with the modern consumer


London, March 13 2017SmartFocus, global leaders in personalised real-time digital interactions, have announced the launch of Smart Social to disrupt the social advertising market. Smart Social combines a single customer view with real-time ad-deployment technology to add a game changing social advertising solution to the award-winning Message Cloud platform.

With Smart Social, brand marketers can combine their own CRM data with the massive reach of Facebook and Instagram - who have over 1.49 billion visitors every month - to instantly find and acquire new customers, who resemble their most profitable ones by using the solution’s ‘lookalikes’ functionality.

Chris Allan, SmartFocus CEO, says: “Not all new customers are created equal. You might spend more acquiring some customers than they will ultimately give back to you in lifetime value. But all brands have rock star customers, customers who are 100% engaged with your brand. Smart Social enables you to intelligently target them and their lookalikes.

“Being visible in consumer’s social channels is now the place to be, and where you must be to compete. Innovative solutions available through social media can help you find, acquire and retain profitable customers, to help your business grow and grow. Facebook advertising works because it identifies real people and it is eminently measurable. Smart Social is a next generation solution allowing our clients to see their costs per lead reduce by over 50% and enquiry rates nearly triple.”

Smart Social gives marketers access to over a million attributes and features to help them identify their lookalikes at the touch of a button. And once a profitable customer segment has been identified, marketers can create, manage and deploy social ads to them at scale – helping to acquire, retain and grow new profitable customers.

Smart Social also creates a closed 360° social advertising and acquisition loop by automatically feeding back all a brand’s social data directly into its CRM database, growing and enriching its existing customer data stack.

As part of the world’s most innovative cross-channel digital marketing platform The Message Cloud, Smart Social assists brand marketers to both retain and acquire valuable customers.

To find out more about Smart Social and its innovative approach to addressing the modern commercial society, register for our free webinar with Internet Retailing on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 2pm. 

Smart Social. The benefits of using Smart Social as part of your social advertising campaigns means you can:

  • Instantly match your CRM data to Facebook’s custom audiences tool, avoiding the time taken to select through millions of Facebook targeting criteria
  • Increase your existing CRM reach by 77% through access to the world’s largest social platform
  • Increase your targeting qualities by creating lookalike audiences from your existing profitable customer segments
  • Reach people at the perfect time with the right content and increase engagement rates by at least 26%
  • Reduce your cost per lead by at least 56% as the algorithms are fuelled by the data you already own
  • Trust the algorithms to deliver the right message allowing to you send hundreds more campaigns than before
  • Tell a true story to your customers and increase conversion rates and lifetime value as a result
  • Re-target your existing email database giving your CRM program even more reach
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